Can the default view for Polices page be policies collapsed? i.e. Hide All?

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In the past if I chose the 'Hide All' button on the Policies page in the JSS, all policies would be collapsed except the last group. The next time I viewed policy page, that is how it would appear from the start. Now it is always all policy categories expanded. Every time I go to Policies page. So I have to keep clicking 'Hide All' button. I want the default to be collapsed view, not expanded.

I've tried searching but I do not see how to change the default view for Policies page. I believe I first noticed the change with JSS 9.93. I just installed 9.96 and it is still not remembering my collapsed choice.

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I'm experiencing the same thing ever since installing 9.96. Definitely frustrating.

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Me too, takes about 4 seconds for my browser to finish displaying all my policies which is the only time I can select Hide All. Would love these 4 seconds back!

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yeah, this is a known nightmare.

Add to that the policy logs are defaulting to show 10 entries and not sorted by most recent first date. Ugggg!

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Yes, this would get my vote - if there was a vote-ie thing attached to this.. (there isn't as yet)…

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Created a Feature Request for this item here: