Cannot delete user. The following classes are dependent on User...

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Update: nevermind, I was able to remove the user from classes (as described below) but this time it's letting me delete the user account.


I have a JSS User/ Apple School Manager user mismatch problem where some students' imported ASM accounts did not match to their existing JSS account. In order to see if my changes are correct, I want to delete the ASM account from JSS and see if it imports new and allows me to match it again.

However, I cannot delete the user. "The following items are dependent on this User and need to be updated:" and it lists the classes she's enrolled in.

I've even tried going into each class's student list and deselecting this account, but when I try to delete the user, I get the same message.

What do I need to do to delete this ASM-imported user account, so I can import it again and try to match it properly?