Cant enroll machine with DEP.

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I have a machine enrolled into Apple School Manager connected to Jamf. The technician that setup the machine didnt have network connectivity during the setup and the DEP enrollment got skipped, so it was setup manually.

When the machine logged in for the first time the DEP notification came up saying that our org can manage the device.


When trying to enroll after the initial setup I get this message.


The machine can enroll with the user initiated enrollment just fine.

Things I've tried:

Recreating push proxy cert.
Uploading new public key and generating a new token for the DEP.
Restarting tomcat.
Restart faulting machine. Checked if there is a new TOS agreement on Apple School Manager.

What am I missing here?


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If you've modified the DEP prestage, you'd need to wipe the Mac to even test those changes on the device. Modifying the prestage will not make any difference to a device that has failed enrollment, yet has not been wiped.

Even removing the AppleSetupDone file won't take the new prestage settings.

However, if your prestage was fine from the beginning, you can do this to attempt to re-enroll the device:

# run as root or with sudo
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
shutdown -r now

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@ryan.ball Thanks I will try that.

Thing is, this method works for other computers that was through the exact same procedure. PreStage unchanged, added to DEP, just that they went through the first setup assistant without initial network connection.