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I cannot for the life of me set up SMTP outgoing email settings correctly (testing has been a headache). I have used several variations. Right now, we are using Google SSL (as far as I know). Anyone have advice as to what works/doesn't work in the SMTP settings? I have a lot of experience in email settings/configuration, but this has stumped me. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!



The same SMTP settings you'd use in your email client should work for the JSS as well. Don't forget you'll need to use authentication to send through a third party server. Make sure you're not using an account that requires two-factor authentication.

You might also verify port 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS) isn't blocked from your server. Google usually takes either.

If you still can't get this to work then test with a non-Google account such as iCloud or If you have problems making those work then you probably have something outside your JSS causing interference.

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Double check the Google Apps documentation, it looks like they've added material on selecting the right SMTP configuration based on your device. Also, to be honest I've made the mistake of typing instead of

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+1 for the Google apps relay.. Plug in the ip of the jss, and it won't complain about auth.

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Just tested this on my Google Apps account. On the JSS config I used, port 465, and I set encryption to SSL. I enabled "Requires authentication" with timeout set to five seconds.

Make sure to enter the username as, Google requires it.

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Requires authentication is not required actually.
Put smtp server as port 25
Encryption SSL
Sender Email Address:

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@adamcodega This way work better I think, Just FYI.

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@thuluyang - thanks for that smtp server info! All other Gmail smtp settings were triple-checked and confirmed, but not working. Your method worked like a charm the first time -- cheers!

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@gokoudes I am happy that you came back and tell me it worked. Thanks


If you are using a Hosted JSS, and G Suite for email, then the third column in (Restricted Gmail SMTP server) should work.

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@thuluyang your instructions worked perfectly!

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@thuluyang that was perfect. Many thanks

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@thuluyang This worked like a charm as others have suggested. Tried all the other default stuff but no go.

Many thanks!