Casper Admin DP sync super slow

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JSS 8.73, Casper Admin running on 10.6.8 Xserve. 12 Mac OS DP's, manual sync as needed, not auto.

I'm recently noticing that when I perform a DP sync with Casper Admin, it's glacially slow. 10.9.2 update didn't complete to even the first DP overnight.

However; if I log into the JSS, mount the CasperShare of a DP and do a simple drag-n-drop file copy- it completes in normally reasonable amount of time.

I was going to complain to the network guys, but I get normal throughput manually. Anyone?


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When you use Casper Admin, you are adding an extra network hop to the Admin system (the files are copied from A to B via C instead of straight from A to B), and if your primary DP is not at the same location then that will slow things down quite a bit.

You want your Admin system to be as close to your backbone as possible, ideally on the same LAN as the primary DP.

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yes, Casper Admin is running on a Mac right next to the JSS, both physically and logically switch-wise.
First time in 3 years I've seen this.



So when i copy a large file using Casper Admin, it copies the file to my jss (which is a linux box with a reasonably low amount of ram and diskspace) then copies it to my smb fileshare?

I am seeing very spiky upload speeds when syncing using Casper Admin and when copying files up to the Fileshare from my desktop so could this be to blame? I see speeds from max to a couple of kb then back to max every 3 or 4 seconds.

i have studied the load on the jss while doing transfers using Casper admin and I do not see an increase in disk or network activity.