Casper Admin Index


Hi Guys,

I have a weird issue with Casper Remote and Casper Admin, When I try deploy some packages although they are in the Casper Packages folder it is saying that the package is not there.

Is there a way that I can get Casper Admin to "re-index" the packages folder so it can pickup whats actually in there...

This is a new server (about 6 months old) running 9.9.3 and 10.11.6, the share is hosted on a Twistrata Windows VM shared out with ExtremeZIP (Acornis is the new version which is the one I am using but ExtremeZIP was such a better name)...

Any ideas? Casper Admin itself sees the packages and they are not red or anything but when I deploy them through Casper remote it is saying it is not available on the JSS....