Casper Admin window remembers position on-screen even when screen is gone

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Hello all,

I've noticed this problem from time to time with the Casper Suite applications, which is that they remember where their windows last appeared on-screen. This is great, because the applications start up with the windows positioned right where you left them.

At least, it's great unless you leave the Casper Admin window on a secondary display attached to your laptop, then leave the office. Or until you change the positioning of the screens relative to one another in the Displays preference pane in System Preferences.

When you get back into Casper Admin, it dutifully puts the window right back where you left it. Even when the screen isn't there. End result? Casper Admin is running, but (in the words of M.C. Hammer), "U can't touch this."

The short solution is to delete the .plist associated with the affected Casper Suite application (in this case, ~/Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.admin). But by doing so, you lose all the other settings you might otherwise want to keep.

A nicer solution is a simple script which executes a series of "defaults write" commands to set the window to a known size and position on the main display.

To that end, I offer the following shell script:


echo "Setting position of Casper Admin window to main screen..."

defaults write com.jamfsoftware.admin windowHeight 461
defaults write com.jamfsoftware.admin windowLeft 16
defaults write com.jamfsoftware.admin windowTop 111
defaults write com.jamfsoftware.admin windowWidth 802

Where did I get the window position values? I set the window where I wanted it on my main display, then looked inside the com.jamfsoftware.admin plist.

If this helps just one other person, then I've done good. If not, I've just wasted bandwidth. But either way, you got to read it. :)

Bryan Vines
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Sounds like a defect in the app to me. Contact support with this so it can get updated in a release to just work for people with this issue. The script is great as a work around in the mean time for those affected. Thanks for the contributiom!

Craig Ernst
UW-Eau Claire
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Got hit by this just today on Casper Admin 8.7.3: totally lost any access to the Casper Admin window until deleting the corresponding .plist. Not nice.

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Yeah. I actually built a launcher app (a script wrapped up with Playypus) that I use instead of launching Casper Admin directly. It checks to see if there is an external display attached and will write different values into the plist for the window position if it sees there is only one display similar to the above script. I'll use that until this gets addressed in a new version if the application.

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Looks like we're fixed in v9.3!

Bug Fixes and Enhancements Casper Admin
[D-005693] Fixed an issue that prevented Casper Admin from appearing on the primary display after disconnecting from an external display on which it has been viewed.

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Finally! I can retire my custom launcher app, well, once we upgrade to Casper Suite 9 that is.

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FYI this is still an issue and your fix saved my butt. Thanks!

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This issue still exists. Removing the plist helped me retrieve the Jamf Admin window. Currently on version 10.9.

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10.11 still got it.

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This is an issue in 10.10 and later for sure. I've upgraded to 10.13 - JAMF Pro.

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I still have this in 10.29! When I edit the plist and relaunch Jamf Admin, Jamf Admin reverts the .plist to the off-screen x position.
Deleting the plist and relaunching did fix it for me.