Casper and Managed Services Companies

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I am looking to connect with other people at the National Users Conference who use Casper to manage unique companies as part of their Managed Service offerings.

FirstTech is located in Minneapolis, MN. I am the Service and Support Manager. We use Casper to manage Apple computers under contract. We have to spin up a separate JSS for each customer. Hoping to discover how other people handle this and other issues.

Take time for open discussion about other tools you use, cool technologies, monitoring systems, trouble ticket systems, reporting, tools to provide dash boards, etc..

You can contact Jay Critzer at 612-280-2047 or jcritzer@firsttech. com. Lets set up time to talk.


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Jay: Are you asking about services like Robot Cloud or in setting up as similar service to them?


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Similar questions here. I'll be at the conference. I'll try to look you up, Jay. I would also like to talk to Robot Cloud reps if possible.

See you soon,
Ryan 317.697.8322

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Hi Jay,

I'll be at JNUC this week, and our company, Sparktivity, uses Casper to provide Managed Services to our contract clients. I was hoping to connect with other regional MSPs at the conference via one of the lunch group topics, so let's connect!


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Would be great to connect and share stories, I am interested.

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Lets meet for lunch on Tuesday at the Pohlad Lobby. :Level 9
I am wearing kaki pants and blue, short sleeve FirstTech shirt.

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Sorry I did not meet up with any of you on Tuesday. How about meeting Thursday during lunch? Lunch at Pohlad Lobby, Level 9