Casper Imaging and Management Account with short names

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In my configuration my management account username is administrator. After the image is complete the account has no issues but I try to login with admin instead of administrator it does not let me but works as administrator. I look in the user account and the short name is labeled as Admin (Admin does not work either). Is there a way to be able to log in as both administrator and admin with casper imaging?

Hopefully this post makes some kind of sense. Thanks


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I got a bit lost with admin / Admin / Administrator.

My normal recommendation is to stay clear of any of those names for admin accounts on Macs. There are lots of situations where they conflict with system accounts etc.

If you can, you should also try to keep the Casper management account separate from any local admin account that you use to log in to the computer and make changes. We often use a basic management account name like "jssadmin" and leave that for Casper to use. We then use a policy to add a local administrator account like "localadmin" that IT staff can log in with.

Because only the JSS needs to know the "jssadmin" account password and as you never need to log in with it, you can make it quite long and even set it to randomly change via a policy.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks David
I think I will go that route. I am assuming I will have have to change the management account to "jssadmin" on every machine that is tied to our jss now.

Thanks for the reply

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@TheDecline & @davidacland, FWIW.. We use Administrator & this is the management account.

@TheDecline, I've not really tried the short name before.. As that too is set to administrator.

Is it possible that somewhere the accounts settings are being reset?

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@bentoms no its not getting reset anywhere.