Casper JSS refusing connection on one machine but works from another

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Hello Guys,
I was hoping someone has come across this.
If I try connecting from my Mac (which is on x.x.128.x), it gives the attached screenshot. external image link
I try from my PC also x.x.128.x - and still doesn't connect and shows that error
I get the same thing from multiple browsers - chrome, safari (various versions)
I try from another machine and it works on a different IP subnet. I then try from a server which has the same x.x.128.x range address as my PC/MAC and it works.
Thing thats confusing is that on some machines it happens and some it doesnt - they are a mixture of different subnets.

Is there anything that pertains to java and tomcat concurrent http connections?
server: 10.6.8
JSS : 8.71
JAva version 1.6.0_65

If you need anymore info let me know.
Thank you
My colleague also has the same refused connection but if you go to another mac and do it, it works.


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Um, well it sounds like a network issue, not a JSS issue, and why would the 3rd octet make any difference, and this doesn't quite make any sense without subnet mask info and how your subnets are setup and what firewall rules are setup between the ones in question.

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That is a good point and I apologise. WHat I was trying to get at was that i cant see why it would be to do with network considering that different subnets can access them.
If you ignore the subnets and firewall rules (considering this was all working without a problem before the java update I did on the server) do you have any ideas what I could look at. Server settings, java settings?
Thank you

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I agree it sounds like a network issue, not a server configuration issue. I'd look at DNS settings go from there. If the server is working using some client, then it's not a server config problem.

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