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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Enrolling iPads with Apple Configurator

So I'm going to have quite a few iPads in a shared deployment, and I'll need to enroll them with Apple Configurator. I did some searching, but it appears the old discussion found here is outdated. I'm not quite sure where I need to go in the JSS to d...  View more

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NetBoot runs real slow on client computers

I setup Netboot on a mac mini to test imaging with. Everything seemed to be working fine until I tried to image more than one mac at once. With only 5 machines it can take upwards of 30 minutes to even get to the desktop, then another 30 till Casper ...  View more

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VPP Woes

We are setting up our VPP account and I input our users who will be admins and the invites were sent off. I can verify that two users did get their account setup invites, but I have one who never got it. I went in and verified that their information ...  View more

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How to enforce Apple Security Updates?

Is there any way to force clients to install only security updates from the App Store?I can force all updates, recommended updates, or specific updates using the exact names, but I don't see a way to force general security updates. Thanks,TT  View more

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Self Service 9.72 Issue

We just upgraded to JSS 9.72 yesterday and ran into an issue with Self Service. We previously were on 9.63 and didn't experience this issue. We have Self Service policies setup that use the lpadmin command in the execute command box in Files and Proc...  View more

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SCEP Config Profile Stopped Working

Have a config profile to request a machine cert from our SCEP server, and was working fine until last night. All of a sudden, I am getting a "NSOSStatusErrorDomain:-603" error. Did not see a whole lot about this error on the forms, except about tryin...  View more

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DEP: Computer not showing in any group

I've enrolled a Mac Mini using DEP. I get the profile and agent installed. However, it looks like this computer doesn't belong to any group, even "All Computers". Thus, no policy will apply. Do you have an idea why ? Did I misconfigure something ?  View more

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DNS + Search Domain Settings

Hi All, I have created a configuration profile to add our VPN settings but for the life or me, I cannot find a way to add two DNS servers and a custom search domain to this. Any Ideas? Also, we have a remote office and often with Yosemite, when using...  View more

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Login Window test configuration profile

I have multiple configuration profiles pushing settings to our mountain lion en mavericks client. I've noticed the login window settings (showing username password field and and a login banner) are not always being applied or stop working after a log...  View more

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google safe search?

hi does any one know how to force safe search in google for ios. ie automate the ticking of the safe search box in google settings on the ipads? or is a one by one process, i have a fleet of 500 and need to do it by the end of the day..yay  View more

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Software Dependency

Hi All, We've packaged numerous applications which have a dependency on other packages. I'm just wondering how you might handle this easily? I could resort to scripting, but that adds another dimension of complexity. example: numerous applications ar...  View more

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Decrypting a Filevault 2 drive

Hello! We're in a bit of a pickle here! We encrypted a user's drive with FileVault 2 and an institutional key several years ago. I believe the user was originally running 10.7 or 10.8 when we gave him the machine; at some point he upgraded to Yosemit...  View more

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Delaying Login Items

Hi We have setup our main mapped drives to run as Login Items, which is working very well for machines on a Cat 5 connection. However on the Airs and Pros we are experiencing issues where our corporate wireless is too slow connecting compared to the ...  View more

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Casper imaging from 10.10.3 problem

My configuration consists of a OS X. Yosemite.dmg Is anyone getting the OS X.dmg installing as a package instead of Block Copy ?? when i run casper imaging on a mac using 10.9.5 i get Block Copy installation on the targeted computer, so this is worki...  View more

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JSS API experts - command help needed

I have an Excel spreadsheet (that can be easily put into CSV or tab-delimited text form), that contains the device serial numbers and asset tag information of 1,100 iPads that are present in the JSS. This spreadsheet unfortunately was NOT exported fr...  View more

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Extension Attribute for Position field for User

I am looking to create an extension attribute to show what is in the Position field for a User. It seems to be the only way to add an additional field for Users. I can use the Position field to make Smart Groups, but it does not show in the list of a...  View more

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