Casper Suite 9.82 Beta Now Available

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Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce the Beta program is now open for the Casper Suite 9.82. There are several enhancements, bug fixes, and a few timely features for your OS X and iOS needs.

New features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Device-based VPP-managed distribution of apps to computers
  • Convert a mobile device app installed as unmanaged to a managed state
  • Seamlessly migrate from User Based VPP to Device-based VPP without interupting your end users
  • Update mobile devices to the latest iOS version using mass actions

Please enroll at the beta homepage on JAMF Nation under My Assets. After enrollment, please reference our Release Notes for a full listing of what is under the hood of this updated release.

Remember this is a beta release. We strongly encourage you not install this software in a production environment.

Also, the beta program is operated under non-disclosure, so please do not share any information regarding your testing in any public forum including the non-beta sections of JAMF Nation. Use the JAMF Nation Beta forums or contact your JAMF buddy with any questions or reported issues regarding the beta.

Thank you to all those who participate in the program. It is fantastic to get your early feedback.


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Update: JAMF Cloud instances are now available for creation in the beta portal. Sorry for the delay.


I've received access to the Beta Program but am still receiving errors towards the creation of the Cloud version.

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Community Manager

Hi @rquigley ,

What message are you seeing when you create a Cloud JSS?

Thank you,


Once we click on "Complete Beta Enrollment" we see the first page again.
Actually I tried a few times (over the days) and it always happens the same.

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On it :)

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Hello Everyone,

Beta 2 of the upcoming 9.82 release is now available!