Casper Suite 9.9 Beta 1

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We are happy to announce the JAMF Beta program is now open for the first wave of functionality in the 2016 Spring Release, Casper Suite 9.9.

The first beta build of Casper Suite 9.9 brings enhancements to the device enrollment process, admin account creation, deployment of content in the cloud, as well as several defect fixes.New features included in the first wave of functionality include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Full support for the new Device Enrollment Program capabilities introduced in OS X El Capitan, providing a greatly improved zero-touch enrollment experience. With DEP and the Casper Suite, you can automatically bind Macs to your directory accounts, create administrator or non-administrator local accounts for your end users, apply configuration profile restrictions, and enforce a passcode policy upon initial account code creation. If your organization uses the Device Enrollment Program for OS X Macs, we highly recommend you take advantage of these new features to streamline your workflow.

  • A new JAMF Cloud offering: the JAMF Cloud Distribution Service. Instead of setting up manual, hardware distribution points, you can now distribute software packages and files to your managed devices using the JAMF Cloud hosted infrastructure. This service will also help with non-app store app deployment, making content easily accessible around the world (great for those of you with global and remote workforces). This is a new native option in the JSS for JAMF Cloud subscription customers.

  • Coming soon: future beta builds of Casper Suite 9.9 will also include support for iOS 9.3 and all of the great Education-focused capabilities coming from Apple. While support for iOS 9.3 won't be included in this first round of beta testing, you will be able to test the new functionality in subsequent beta builds. We encourage you to participate in each round of beta testing to experience the entirety of Casper Suite 9.9

Please enroll at the beta homepage on JAMF Nation under My Assets. After enrollment, please reference our Release Notes for a listing of what is included in the first round of functionality. Remember this is a beta release. We strongly encourage you not install this software in a production environment. Also, the beta program is operated under non-disclosure, so please do not share any information regarding your testing in any public forum including the non-beta sections of JAMF Nation. Use the JAMF Nation Beta forums or contact your JAMF buddy with any questions or reported issues regarding the beta.

Thank you to all those who participate in the program.

It is fantastic to get your early feedback,
Beth Klein
Beta Program Coordinator


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Sounds great, however it's been long between drinks...

Any word on extensive bug fixes?

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That's good news!

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Chances of supporting a real database server? Been waiting for over 3 years...

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Interested in global DP support...can that be made available to servers hosted in premises as an add on?

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I too support use of something other than fellow colleagues have to deal heavily with MSSQL for all of our other databases but Casper and one other using MySQL. We even have dedicated MSSQL server hardware. org's official 2 cents.

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Aside from MSSQL not necessarily being a great solution for a JSS running on Apple or Linux servers, JAMF would have to completely re-architect their system to interface with a different database.

Personally, I'd rather see them focus on stability of the current product and keeping up with Apple's newer features in a timely manner.

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I agree with part of your premise...the focus on new Apple technologies is the most important...that is why we use Casper despite it being MySQL. JAMF knows Apple...period...end of story. They labor mightily to keep up with new Apple technologies and do it fairly well.

That being said...I am just plugging what our other org wants. Still loyal to JAMF and that likely won't change. I realize MSSQL is a bit of a pipe dream, but it is my duty to put out what our org has elected is an important request.

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there's a feature request for it. vote it up.


Can we also expect a UI upgrade in the webinterface & apps?

The current UI in the webinterface is getting stale and looks outdated imo without flexible options like placing policy statuses in a custom order without them getting ordered random.

And it's 2016, I think it's about time to support scaling @ high resolution displays in the apps don't you think? :)

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@blackholemac the JAMF Cloud Distribution Service is likely just AWS S3 distributed via CloudFront. The good news is that this option is already supported in your JSS under "Cloud Distribution Points" in your Computer Management Framework settings. All you need to do to set it up is sign up for an AWS account. The only difference in the JAMF Cloud Distribution Service is that JAMF is paying the bill for AWS, and you're paying JAMF a subscription to use it. Technically speaking, it's completely identical to what's already on offer.