Casper Utilities keep crashing on Lion

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Has anyone else noticed this issue. I saw a little of this before on 8.4 but we upgraded to 8.43 a couple days later. I especially notice this on our netboot image with Casper Imaging. The app crashes maybe 98% of the time and will do so for the next 15 or so launches. Eventually it will run. This is on a netboot image that is 10.7.3.



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Yes, I see this too. Luckily I have not had the issue in my netboot image, but almost every one of the Casper apps crashes 2-3 times before I am able to use them on my Lion machine.

One thing that I discovered is that I absolutely cannot store Casper app credentials in my keychain without causing a crash. So I have to type my password every time, no biggie. Still, this is annoying.

I wonder if 8.43 is more stable? Sounds like it isn't based on your post. Sigh.


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In my experience, the tools that have not been re-written (Imaging is one of them, IIRC) have spates of crashing on launch, or directly after on first keypress (whether inputting the JSS when holding option, or entering the user/pass for JSS).

I agree with not saving credentials, although that only reduced the crashing for me.

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I don't have any credentials saved. I have seen the crashing on Casper Admin maybe a couple times only. But for Casper Imaging it is terrible. I have to relaunch the app several (10-20+) times before it will work.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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We notice it sporadically with Casper Imaging 8.43 within our 10.7.3 Netboot image.

The crash most commonly happens after the prompt for local credentials and right at the time the prompt for privileges to use Casper Imaging takes place. Most of the time its before the user is able to enter their Active Directory user name and password.

It's difficult to repeat and not all of our installers have experienced the issue.

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I'm noticing this issue as well, and as I write this, getting ready to contact JAMF with some crash logs. In my experiences it's crashing about 75% of the time, which makes any sort of automated installation useless.


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I spoke with JAMF about this issue within the last several months. However, I must note that I do not use their utility to create my netboot images. To create my netboot I create a clean base image, copy casper imaging over, create a login hook to point to the Casper Imaging app, reboot, type in the JSS address and hit ok, when it asks for credentials I cancel, clear all recent menus, reboot and pull the image. It's a little different way to go about it, but typically it's been cleaner for me and more like the old netboots before 10.7.

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This is happening again with the 8.62 version of the Utilities on 10.7.5. You start Casper Imaging, it asks for local admin credentials, you enter the credentials, it then starts another instance of Casper Imaging which asks for JSS credentials. Then the first instance crashes and throws up the "Casper Imaging has crashed..." box. This happens every time Imaging is run.

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I'm having the same problem as PhilMaul above. What's interesting is that Casper Imaging 8.62 does not crash on my 10.6.8 NetBoot or my 10.8.2 NetBoot. It's only crashing when I try to boot to my new 10.8.2 Thunderbolt SSD in order to attempt imaging locally from a local partition on the SSD.

The 2nd instance of Casper Imaging stays running; I just have no idea why it crashes immediately or why it's crashing in the first place.

JAMF, any ideas? I sure would like to build a stable 10.8.2-based local Thunderbolt imaging workflow but this is holding me up. Thanks.