Casper vs. Landesk for MAC

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I am aware that this is a MAC (Casper) focused site and there is not much sympathy for other vendors. However, I am currently evaluating to bring all our Windows and MAC laptops under one management platform and considering replacing Casper with LanDesk to manage our MACs. I am aware that Casper is the Best of the Bread platform for MAC. I am trying to find out what functions we would lose if we go all Landesk. Thanks for your help!


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If you'd asked this question a few years ago I might have been able to offer some insight, as I once used LANDesk in another job. But my information on it is now years out of date and I'm sure its changed a bit. (I would hope so anyway)

But in any case, back then I hated the Mac support, if you could even call it "support" I actually sought to bring Casper Suite into the environment (& was successful in doing so) as the # of Macs grew because of frustration on lack of features in LANDesk to support the Macs. Imaging involved a cumbersome process of booting up a Mac, creating an admin account, installing the LD client, then going back to the LD console, locating that Mac using cryptic search mechanisms, and finally telling it to reboot the Mac into a Mac NetBoot server to do the imaging. Ugh. Not exactly a friendly process, assuming it even worked at all. That was only one of many issues we had with it.

FWIW, the LANDesk guys knew their Mac support sucked, and were chasing the coattails of JAMF to try to win some customers back they had lost to JAMF Software. I don't know how successful they were with that, but my guess is not very.

BTW, from your use of the term "MAC" throughout your post (as opposed to "Mac") I take it you're a Windows admin looking to standardize on the tool you're most comfortable with. If so, while understandable, hopefully you'll give this a fair shake and make the right decision for your environment and company and not just take an easy way out.

Consider this also; While up front it may not seem like you'll lose too much by going with LANDesk, think about future OS support. LD has never been stellar with that, whereas Mavericks and iOS7 should be supported almost on day one by JAMF and the Casper Suite. Apple isn't like PC vendors where you can just install XP on brand new PCs. When Apple ships new hardware after a major OS upgrade it usually requires that new OS to work. keep that in mind.

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MM2270, thank you for your comments. Indeed, during the past few years, LD and Altiris have greatly improved their Mac support, so comparing features from a few years before probably not entirely accurate today.

I am looking for current information for imaging, patch and software distribution, inventory, etc. for the Mac platform.

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I run a LanDesk/SCCM + Casper shop. Best of breed for both sides of the house, single bucket reporting out to the bean counters using the SCCM plug in.

In order to get Casper, my company's policy was to evaluate what was out there.

Landesk? Great product on the Windows side, but limited features on the Mac and 6 month patch cycles were the nails in the coffin for that. Absolute? The Windows techs were not willing to give up their LanDesk to use Absolute, so that was out.

Casper is really a complete solution, that is a jumping on point for many people in your organization that may not know the Mac. Everything from role based management, to Self Service in one package. while it only does "Mac", it's truly a best of breed product.

MM2270 is correct that there is more than just the nuts and bolts. The OS readiness and the support given day of release of a new OS is unmatched. Most other vendors lag months behind JAMF when it comes to this critical aspect.

When that new Macbook comes out that has a never before seen in your environment OS on it and is destined to go to a VIP like a CEO or a Developer that is working on something with a revenue stream attached to it, do you want immediate support, or a 6 month wait?


I'm sure you have already done so but I would reach out to those on a LanDesk forum to see what they say since they would be the ones using it. I'm sure you are in a tough position either way so good luck with whatever route you go.

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