Mass Re-Naming of Clients

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I have inherited a Casper system for 150 or so clients , and this is my second week of using Casper. (So, this is a real beginner question.)

The naming convention for our clients needs overhauling. I have successfully used these[1] excellent instructions to rename one client. So far so good.

But is there anything that I should be concerned about when renaming half of the clients in our system?

[1] Updating the Computer Name of Client Computers:


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When I rename clients, I go ahead and unbind from our AD, rename then rebind. I try to keep AD as "clean" as possible...
We used pre-stage imaging to rename a group of computers this summer for distribution, but we also imaged them. Not sure if pre-stage would simply handle the naming or not... then it should be a matter of just running recon on the computers to update the JSS database.