Casper Vs Microsoft Intune


Can anyone provided any detail in what they have experienced while using both these products. Im trying to understand the Pro and Cons on both sides. Any feedback you can provide would be great.


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InTune isn't a bad tool, and it does appear to be fairly well flushed out. In my opinion, it does suffer a lot like other MS products in that it tries to do a lot of things, but doesn't always do them all well. And to be fair, I haven't had overly much exposure to it other than initial testing and the like, but I tend to be of the mind that you should use MS centric tools to manage MS devices and Apple centric tools to manage Apple devices. One tool to rule them really just in the darkness breaks them. If you only have a handful in a significantly larger Windows shop and you're also leveraging it for the MDM benefit then I'd say give it a whirl as it really can't be worse than native SCCM management of OS X/macOS.


Recommend taking advantage of Intune MAM policies feature for Office app's on iOS devices to prevent data leaks, but still allow users to use the Office app for personal use and personal cloud storage. I have been running a pilot program for 6 months now and about to move to Intune on the Cloud with Azure ADSync and ADFS to our On-Premise environment. Glad to give you more details if you like on the project and the benefits of Intune and O365 Enterprise Mobility Suite package.

By the way we are currently using Intune MAM polices that comes with Enterprise Mobility Suite to manage the Office apps and JAMF MDM to manage the devices and Exchange Mailbox. We also are enforcing Open-In Restrictions on the iOS to prevent data leaks but still give user the capabilities to use the Office apps for personal use on the devices.

Glad to give you more details about the project and the benefits of using Intune MAM (not MDM) and O365 Enterprise Mobility Suite package.


I will post my experience managing OS X machines with Intune in a few weeks. We are planning to export our current configuration profiles and scripts from the JSS and then importing them into Intune. Hope it works as expected.

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Intune is pointless. Stay away! (Used it for two years at an old job, reporting is terrible, patching is a nightmarish headache, licensing is confusing… blergh.)

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@TreviñoL Wow you are going from JSS to Intune for Mac management? That sounds painful...I think there are like 4 builtin settings Intune can manage on a Mac. I guess if you are going to create all of your configuration profiles in Profile Manager and upload them to Intune it can deploy them...but unless I am missing something it is extremely limited. The feature documentation is 8 pages long...probably not a good sign!

I am fairly sure that you cannot:
-Deploy/patch software (no VPP/DEP support, no pkg deployment)
-Run scripts
-Customize inventory
-remote lock/wipe a device

List could go on, but it's going to be quicker to say you can install (not create) profiles and that's it! 🙂


No, we are looking to transfer MDM solutions for the mobile side. Currently thinking about JSS for Mac management but wasn't sure how to handle the IOS and android devices after we end contracts with the other MDM vendor. Currently we have a larger windows community than Mac , but also have a larger IOS community than android. Since there is no silver bullet solution just needed the pros and cons to both and just overall experience with both products from a mobile management stand point.


@emily. I will make sure to fight hard to keep JAMF for OS X management.

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I'd like to know how the migration from jamf to InTune worked out, please - if anyone has done that.

My boss is seriously considering this - and I'm dragging my heels. He wants to manage windows laptops, androids and iOS devices (ipads & iphones) with InTune. I've finally gotten jamf/Casper running like a well oiled machine and hate to lose any of that.

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We are about to integrate InTune with Jamf for conditional access and what not. Perhaps you can get your org to look at it that way since you have Jamf working like you like it. You could have your Apple devices tell InTune a bunch of pertinent info without ditching Jamf.