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I use Remote to kick off certain jam binary commands without interrupting the user. I can choose to log into casperscreensharing, but then I have to su in a terminal session in order to run any sudo commands. I have tried all of the usual suspects for this account password, but without success.

Anybody know what password is used with the casperscreensharing account? Or if there is a way to set it in the JSS?

Thanks in advance.


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I believe that password is randomly set, and unchangable. Your best bet is to su <yourlocaladminaccount>

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why not just use the login command in terminal to use another account (hidden management account or local admin account)?

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public School

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools


@rderewianko - Doesn't sound unreasonable at all. I was just hoping to save a few keystrokes - every second counts when the user might go offline at any time. :)

@gshackney - AFAIK, that works similarly to

su - localAdminAccount

I will keep doing it the way I have been. Thanks all.

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@lwindram why not SSH in?

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I utilize Casper remote, If I use Casper remote I just use terminal and log in as local admin And VNC, ARD and SSH to remote to my machines that are on site. I have ARD broken up into network segments so I can also scan my VPN. We just started using Bomgar as it integrates with Service Now..