Certifications for JSS v9 and Jamf Pro v10

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Recently new classes were added at http:///www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/store/courses going up to April 2017. Since JSS v10 is slated for the first half of 2017, will the certs earned for v9 be valid for v10 or will you need to re-certify? And if re-certification is required, what is the re-certification process looking like? Some clarification would be good on this since it would be a lot of time and money to invest in taking a cert for v9 if one would need to get re-certified for v10 soon after. Would be great to have expectations in place now rather than when v10 gets released.


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I'm curious as well. I remember one time someone mentioning that certifications only last for two full numbers. So since I got my certification when Casper 8 was out, I'm going for Casper 8 and 9. So in theory I'll need to either get re-certified, or be able to take a certification test. Not sure. So if you do get certified in Casper 9, it should be good for 9 and 10.


I may be mistaken but I believe I heard it being made clear during a JNUC talk that existing (v9) certifications will be valid for v10 without the need for a re-certificaiton course or test.

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When I inquired about the value of me getting my CCE in Decemeber (pre v10) I was told the same thing as @yan1212.

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We are looking at certifications in the CCT and CCA, this same question arose. JAMF has stated that the certifications are good for 2 updates..... so v9 cert is good for v10, but not v11

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With all the changes coming to v10, would it not be beneficial to re-cert?

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Would like an official response for sure, but it is good to hear that most people are getting the same message from jamf. As far as it being beneficial to re-certify? I suppose that's up to the individual and will largely depend on what jamf has changed. First thing I plan on doing when it comes out is reading the admin guide cover to cover.

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Hey everyone. Here are a couple points of clarification based upon currently-available resources:

"Certification is awarded and valid for that specific major version of Casper Suite on which the course was delivered. For example, a certification earned on JSS 9.3 is valid only on JSS 9.x. It is no longer valid once JSS 10.x is released." (https://www.jamf.com/training/training-policies/)

In other words, holding a CCT on v9 does not automatically grant you a CCT on v10.


"Casper Suite version 9 certification will satisfy corresponding prerequisite requirements for future Jamf Pro classes." (https://www.jamf.com/training/)

That means that your existing v9 certifications will allow you to take the next level certification on v10 without starting over from scratch.

We will make more information about Jamf Pro v10 certifications available when Jamf Pro ships next year. Hopefully this helps!

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So today I was told my certifications are no longer valid and I've been working with JAMF directly for the better part of a decade. My OG certifications were on version 8 and the discussion has NEVER come up that recertification was needed with JAMF "Buddy". Would have been nice to know that the official policy was.