Change in Guest Keychain with Catalina

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I have one new computer that I am trying to deploy to my all-Mac computer lab. The way we handle student logins is any student can use the Guest User account to access two web based apps, but absolutely everything else is locked down. So if the students want to do anything else at all they simply log in with their own creds and they can do what they need. This is extremely useful because the youngest students always have a lot of difficulty logging in, and some of them cannot read, much less remember a password.

With Mojave and previous systems, I configured the Guest Account as desired and then physically copied the Library folder into User TemplateEnglish.proj, deleted all the keychains in the keychains folder, and this became the new, pre-configured Guest Login experience. Easy-peasy.

With Catalina, however, there are no keychains stored in the Keychains folder for me to delete and yet when I login as Guest I get keychain errors. Does anyone have any idea how I might overcome this?


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@Morningside Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? We're attempting to setup a similar workflow using the Guest user in Catalina but have ran into keychain issues like you describe. Anything you can share would be appreciated.