Change JSS URL

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When I took over my company had been using the url as the url for the jss. We are moving away from the Apple Xserve and on to a linux box. Therefore I wanted to change the fqdn that we use for jss-client communication. I created the appropriate DNS entries so that will point to the JSS server and changed the URL in the JSS. I then see in the logs on a client that the new URL has been seen and the client attempts to verify the URL three times then fails saying it cannot verify the URL. The client then reverts back to using the old URL. There is not a valid ssl cert for the new URL and I left the check box Unchecked so that clients don't expect it to have one but they are still unable to verify the URL.

Any ideas?


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Any luck with this? We are looking to do something similar in the near term, but we aren't going to be changing the physical server clients connect to; we are just going to change the FQDN.

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You'll need to re-issue your SSL certs on the new box with alternate names of the old box if you're using DNS redirection.

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I'm facing a similar scenario.

If anyone could post links to resources on setting alternate names in the SSL cert, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's not clear to me how to accomplish properly defining a primary and alternate name in the cert.