Change the 'managed by' company

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Hey there - this is really doing my head in and is probably something that can be resolved in about two minutes. Where do you change the 'managed by ""company name"" ' for devices enrolled in Jamf Pro? I have looked in every setting, everywhere and cannot see how to do this - previous MSP have their name on it and it's really quite annoying!



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I don't think you can change this without reenrolling the device, but don't hold me to that. The "Managed by" does not come from JAMF, it comes from the MDM certificate you get from Apple Business/School Manager.  

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I could be totally wrong here but I thought the company name shown on the Automated Device Enrollment comes from Apple Business Manager / Apple School Manager (and if you want to change that you'd need to call Apple). I thought the company name shown in the profiles itself comes from the certificate in Jamf and you could change that by changing the company name in the activation code setting and renewing the PKI certificate afterwards.


I'm guessing your previous MSP did not own the ABM / ASM so the name there should be correct but the name of the MSP is shown in the installed profiles?