Changing Pre-Stage Enrollment

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I have about 500 iPads that live in one PreStage. I want to move them to a new PreStage. I really don't want to go through each one and uncheck and check 500 tiny little boxes. Anyone have any idea?



We found a slight workaround since we are using DEP for our devices. We just make sure whatever PreStage we want the devices assigned to is set to auto assign. Then we import the devices again into DEP which should put them into the other PreStage. We are cloud hosted and doing these types of mass movements of devices causes some things to pop up with ajax errors for a bit while it processes the data. Slightly silly that they have not implemented an easier way of moving devices around.

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Any update to this? We are doing something similar with macOS and I don't want to do this all manually. I wish we could have an action for this in smart groups.

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We use for this and quite a few other editing on our devices.

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Guess I'll give this one a little boost! With the advent (quick) of Online Learning, we have about 5,000 iPads being used by students. I need to move these iPads from about 30 different prestage enrollments to 1 generic prestage enrollment. I don't see a way to do this using MUT (unless I'm overlooking something). Any suggestions?

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I created one DEP token for each prestage, then set each one to auto assign devices in Jamf. For all prestage changes they are quickly performed by copying and pasting a list or spreadsheet of serials into ASM/ABM, and then selecting the new prestage. After this it takes about 5 mins fro Apple to sync with Jamf for the changes to take effect.