Changing user password on Macbook connected to AD

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We acquired a few Macbooks in my company and i could add to the domain, everything was working properly at first. The user logged in and we added the Mobile Account so he can use when hes not at office.
Our AD policy makes the users change the password after 3 months, thats when the problems started.

The scenario: We are in the network, we go on users & groups and change the password. Apparently, everything works, we even get the picture bellow (to create or update the keychain)

But when we restart the laptop, the OS wont accept the new password, we have to login with a local account, sign off, then login with the user account and new password.

Im aware that a lot of people are facing similar problems. But maybe theres something in the keychain that i could change. Manually delete, i dont know. 2da477e17bc04a3c8844909a4fc0e925

In the forum I've read that someone people recomended NoMAD but i dont think that our Security will allow that software.

Thanks in advance.