Check deferment for iOS Update on Jamf portal

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Hi, I'm trying to check deferment progress of my iOS fleet, like how many days left etc. Any way I could do this?

Next, how does iOS deferment work?
Does 90 days always apply again when a new version is released?
Currently the latest 13.2.3 released on 18 Nov. Does this mean it current payload with deferred 90days will start again from 18 Nov 2019 till 18 Jan 2020?


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just googled 90 days after november 18th, and it says february 16th is the day...

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OK that's a calculation mistake.

But what about the following question?
"Does 90 days defer always apply again when a new version is released?"

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I believe the answer is Yes. Whatever becomes a new iOS version will be delivered 90 days later. For example, our iPads are on iOS 12.4 since it has been less than 90 days since 12.4.1 came out. This works even though 12.4 is no longer being signed by Apple for manual restores.