Chrome on iOS- Manage default settings .JSON?

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Here's the scenario:

In our school district, we now have over 400 student use shared ipads. The problem is, that the kids are just not logging into Chrome, thus, not getting the restrictions/safe search etc.

On Windows machines, I can push out the default settings via ADMX template and GPO. On OSX/Linux you can do it with a .JSON file. The Chromebooks require a domain account to login, so it isn't an issue.

Google Education Support told me there is no way to do it for iOS. This, I just cannot believe or accept. There has to be a file on the iPad telling Chrome what default settings to use, without a user signed in- just as it does in every other OS.

Anyone have experience with this? Can I send a custom .JSON file from JAMF somewhere? Any idea where the settings file for Chrome resides on an iPad??

I can't be alone in this... right?


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There's support for managed configurations in iOS (basically a plist/xml), but the developer has to build the app to support it.

So, it's totally supported in iOS, but probably not in the way that Google wants it.

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@jbourdon Hey, that's a place to start!! I believe actually there's a way to convert Chrome's preferred .JSON to an acceptable form of XML.. At least I seem to remember reading about it somewhere.. I'll poke around a bit and report.. Thanks.

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Is there an update on this? According to this link Google used to support App Configuration but no longer does??



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I would be interested to know if this works yet.