Cisco Anyconnect breaks localhost


I deploy Anyconnect in my imaging [required for remote connection], however, I'm now finding it's causing a problem for our developers.

macOS 10.13.6 Cisco Anyconnect 4.5

Using Adobe Experience Manager. I have in the 'bypass proxies' box under network settings. Our company uses a proxy when on the network.

AEM loads fine when wired in. http://localhost:4502 - however, when on VPN - it doesn't resolve correctly. I have the same in 'bypass proxies' - yet the browser still looks for it.

Even when typing it gives a 'Denied by category' error - which is what you'd get if you're trying to access a website on the network that you're not permitted to.

I assume the VPN adapter is binding the IP address somehow not allowing localhost to resolve correctly.

I would be grateful for advice




It turns on if you use a proxy server on-site - that the way to resolve this is to create two network locations
One Network Location for on-site where the proxy setting is required
One Network Location Off-site where they can connect to any network - with nothing set under proxies.