Cisco VPN AnyConnect 4.10.03104 Apple Silicone M1 Pro macOS Monterey Deployment

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Thank you @DFree  & @MikeF - This worked nicely - I did some editing:

Use directory: cd /Library/Application\ Support/tmp

  1. Download anyconnect-macos-4.10.03104-predeploy-k9.dmg from Cisco (or your vendor) and open it via installer (Double Click it in finder).
  2. Drag the AnyConnect.pkg file inside the .dmg to your tmp (for simplicity) and then do @MikeF's steps (4-9 below):
  3. Open Terminal and cd /Library/Application\ Support/tmp
  4. Pkgutil --expand AnyConnect.pkg AnyConnectVPN
  5. Went to the tmp folder, opened the AnyConnectVPN folder
  6. opened the AnyConnectVPN/Distribution file
  7. Look for <choices-outline> <line choice="choice_vpn"/> lines starting around line. Delete the ones you don't need, and Save. (I Used Xcode to edit the file)
  8. pkgutil --flatten AnyConnectVPN AnyConnect_4.10.03104.pkg
  9. Upload that pkg file to JSS and go from there in however you want to deploy it.

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@Lives Thanks for your awesome explanation! This was exactly what I was looking for!


By the way, it works on Intel Macs, too.

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Is this can we do from jamf pro console??



Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 3.31.32 PM.pngI've attempted to do this and after flattening the package and attempting to install, it doesn't give me any options to select the two modules we want to install.   

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This worked for me over the xml file choice method. I did this on Cisco Secure Client
Many, many thanks.


no such luck, getting a javascript phasing issue, so going back to the distribution file, cutting it down

<options customize="always" rootVolumeOnly="true" hostArchitectures="x86_64,arm64"/>
<line choice="choice_anyconnect_vpn"/>
<line choice="choice_fireamp"/>
<line choice="choice_dart"/>
<line choice="choice_secure_firewall_posture"/>
<line choice="choice_iseposture"/>
<line choice="choice_nvm"/>
<line choice="choice_secure_umbrella"/>
<line choice="choice_thousandeyes"/>
<line choice="choice_duo"/>
<line choice="choice_zta"/>


to (for exmple just installing the umbrella module..)

<options customize="always" rootVolumeOnly="true" hostArchitectures="x86_64,arm64"/>
<line choice="choice_secure_umbrella"/>

would be suffice???


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i used this for cisco anyconnect and this worked like a champ! GREAT JOB!!


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