Classroom and EDU profile

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After setting up a new iPad teacher I noticed their classes in the Classroom app were named according to the nicknames set by the teacher. The class icons were color matched with Schoolwork. Also all but 2 of the students were shown as offline.
This teacher had no EDU profile installed. on their iPad.
After the EDU profile was pushed to the iPad the icons in Classroom were all orange and the class names matched to the imported class names. All the students who had previously been offline were now online in Classroom.
Is an EDU profile needed anymore?


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I am testing the same here. What I am finding, and I think I understand correctly from Apple, is that the EDU profiles are not needed if both the Teacher iPad and Student iPads are signed into a Managed Apple ID (MAID). With both having a MAID they can take advantage of both teacher-created classes in Apple Classroom (and syncing with Schoolwork) and also those classes made in ASM.

The last I spoke with Apple about Apple Classroom, they thought it strange that I did not have an Edit button on my Apple Classroom, but with more research, they found it was the EDU profile that causing this. They could not give me a reason for the EDU profile, but when I speak with Jamf they say it is required.

My best understanding is this:
- If you want to only manage your classes with ASM, and all iPads are signed into a MAID, then do NOT assign the teacher iPad to a teacher in Jamf.
- If you want to manage teachers, apps, profiles, and other items through Classes in Jamf, assign the teacher iPad to the teacher in Jamf.

Also, a note on allowing just the ASM to control class enrollments. any class that a teacher makes in Apple Classroom does sync back to ASM. So if you are very resistant to any ad hoc or non-specific naming schema this might not be the way to go. As teachers will create their own classrooms, and then you will then see 5 copies of the "Reading" and not have an easy way to differentiate between them.

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If you want to use ASM to sync Classes instead of jamf, then I believe if you remove the Classes from jamf, and edu profile would not be created. You would also possibly need to remove the instance that was created to sync jamf with ASM. Then you could still assign teachers to their devices.
Not tested just thinking off the top of my head