Cloud Drop Outs

New Contributor

Is it just us, or have others been seeing this happen? Due to current Jamf bugs we're limited to using only Safari (because of duplicates when editing/adding pkgs which is apparently a known issue) and today I've had two instances where I was unable to access the "New Pkg" page via our cloud instance at all. At the same time I was unable to install pkgs from the cloud distribution point on several clients. Have been seeing this same issue for installing pkgs since around the .12 release.

Is it just us? (I'm seeing this with two different clients I support at two different locations) ... Or at there others experiencing the same issues?

It's been quite frustrating going through support for many of these things, lots of times the first level support people have you jump through hoops and then when finally escalating issues the second level support people call them "known issues".