Compiled Configurations in Casper Admin

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I compiled a Configuration today and wanted to know what I gain by compiling a configuration versus just running a non-compiled configuration in Casper Imaging. Also is there a way to remove the compiled configuration and still keep the configuration in Casper Admin? Thanks.


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Speed is the main gain. If you're doing a lot of cookie-cutter systems with no customization, taking the time hit to compile it will easily make up for that time when you're imaging.

To get rid of the Compiled Configuration, open Casper Admin and then go into the Casper Share that mounted into the CompiledConfigurations folder and you'll see the disk image there. Can it.

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Compiling a configuration creates one large DMG file, allowing Casper to block copy the configuration, rather than just the OS. However, if you change the order of package deployment, for example, add or remove packages to the configuration, it will deploy as a standard configuration, not a compiled configuration.

To uncompile the configuration, delete it from the share. Quit Casper Admin and open it back up. The configuration will no longer be compiled.