Composer helper stops communicating

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I gave up trying to make it work under 10.15 and use 10.14 for packaging.
The 10.20's seem to stop at various spots during the after snapshots
(ran it 3 times; different stops; had to force quit once - the other two said the helper application had stopped communicating) 10.11 Composer does it with no problems carrying on doing the after snapshot.


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I had a similar issue. It turns out the permissions on Composer were wrong. You may want to check that both the owner and group have rwx.

Thank you

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I'm also having this problem on Big Sur. I can't create many packages due to this error.

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Have same problem with Big Sur and 10.34.2 packages

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You can also try checking the Composer preferences > Executable Types in PKGs > One or more executibles need Rosetta.  

This thread explains: Solved: Composer 10.28 - Couldn't communicate with a helpe... - Jamf Nation Community - 234349