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These are machines that have been managed for years. Restarting doesn't help. Total wipe may but is time consuming. Trying again in a couple of days may ... my current theory is that a wonky Apple server is contacted and it takes a couple of days for...
So I'm using a policy with a trigger of Login so it's basically a LaunchAgent ... does the command get stored somewhere on the client so I can verify that it made it there? Where do the output and errors go ... jamf.log or do I need the script to red...
Trying to write a replacement for SetDefaultMailApp which implies LaunchServices but seems to be part of CoreServices now and I've installed the python module but have no idea how to import it so I can use LSSetDefaultHandlerForURLSchemeThanks for an...
Using AutoPkg 2.7 and Git 2.21.1 and JamfUploader with AutoPkgr 1.6 and trying to use a recipe for Zoom.Running into a lot of deprecated messages. Does anyone have a working recipe?
We installed ARD for several new hires and in one instance the set of buttons that include UNIX are greyed out.This was installed using the App Store which claims 6 installations under "Family Sharing" but doesn't seem to list machines like I see for...