Composer pkg not copying files when executed by Policy

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I created a .pkg using composer that does nothing but copy our company powerpoint templates to "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office365/User Content.localized/Templates.localized"

Once MS Office installs, only the folder structure up to "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/" exists, so I expect my pkg to create the remaining folders.

When I run the pkg manually, it creates the folders and adds the templates.

I added the pkg to Jamf Pro and created a policy to deploy the package. The policy runs and the log shows the package was executed, but the folders and files do not get created. If I run the pkg from Self Service, again the folders and files do not get created. If I copy the pkg over manually and run it, everything is created successfully. Any ideas?


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What are the permissions set to in the package? Usually the 1st place I'd look for odd behavior.