Composer Recommended Hardware

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Any recommendations for hardware specs to optimize Composer? Have been using a Mini, but it is painfully slow to capture changes and create packages. Looking to switch to a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro. Any particular specs we should get?


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What spec Mini? Spindle or SSD? At least 8gb RAM ?

You could do a lot with a MacPro, such as visualize a test environment, but its overkill for "Composing"

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We use an 2013 MacBook pro for imaging, OS Composing and testing adobe installations. As @lkrasno said it's a little overkill, the other option being a VM? For 'general' composing though we either try to script an install or use production devices, but having the portability of the MacBook Pro can be very handy.

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Mini has 2.6GHz CPU, 8GB memory and 1TB Spindle drive. I am guessing the non-SSD drive is the cause of the slowness.