Computers not showing in scope

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Hi Folks.


I'm new to Jamf and having a bit of a head scratcher

I've registered 6 iMac via the Apple Configurator method to make the managed by the school and when I look under prestage I can see them. When I click on computers and search for the, I can see them but then I run into a problem

I've set up a static group and in the scope I've attempted to add the computers but I can only see 4 of the computers even though the system tell me there are 6.

Anyone any ideas as to why I can't see the other two computers.

As I test, I erased one and enrolled it again using the Apple Configurator then installed the remote Management Profile. This one I can now see in the static group scope.


Any assistance greatly appreciated



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You can add computers to static computers only after the device is enrolled. Did you compelete the  pre-stage enrollment in all 6 devices? You cannot add the devices to static group which are not enrolled atleast once. 

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@dbarry722 As @karthikeyan_mac, states you cannot add a Mac to a Static Group until it enrolls. You can however create Smart Group using the Criteria Enrollment Method: PreStage enrollment IS <Your Pre-Stage Enrollment Name> so that the Macs will become members automatically once they are enrolled.


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Its a strange one.

I erased the machines and went back through the same procedure and I can now see both machines to add them to the static group. I can't see what I did different to the first time as all steps were the same. on both occasions, it connected to the jamf server and pulled down the Remote Management Profile and I could see they were installed on the computer. I knew it connected to the jamf server as I could see the machine in the prestage section and it sync'd okay. Just couldnt see it to allow me to add it to the static group.

As it is at moment, I've another 10 to set up so will keep an eye one it.

Incidentally, is there a quicker method to pushing the Remote Management Profile back out to a machine (just in case something hadn't quite registered properly) without actually having to erase it and re-register