Configuration profile edit times out

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Having an issue where I edited a absurdly large config plist file in Jamf. I can now no longer access this profile so I can remove it or at least remove the scopes. 

I currently now see service unavailable and timed out message. 

What are some solutions in resolving this.

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The simplest method would probably be using the API to download the profile content so you can recreate it and then delete the profile from Jamf completely. If your comfortable with scripting you can find the documentation on using the API here:

More specifically, you will want to use the following three resources

If you are not comfortable with scripting, luckily, you can use the OpenAPI docs as a GUI frontend to get it done without any need for scripting.  Just go to, login, and find the endpoints mentioned above. On each there is a Try it Out button and then an Execute button. Again be warned that these operations will happen live on your server. 


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@HeyVyner I'll 2nd @TrentO 's recommendation of using the API to delete the problematic profile, but be aware that you may find that the API won't be able to delete the "damaged" profile. If that's the case you'll need to contact Jamf Support. If you are running your Jamf Pro server on-prem you'll need them to work with you on the MySQL commands needed to delete the profile from your JSS database, and if you're Jamf Cloud hosted they can have their Cloud Ops fix the database for your instance.