Configuration Profile Modification and Re-distribution

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Quick question for everyone.

I have a Configuration Profile with a network payload (corporate SSID), certificate payload (one certificate to trust for the corporate network), and AD certificate payload.

The networking team is switching out the certificate I have deployed in the certificate payload. So I will be adding two more certificates in this payload.

My questions is, when I make the modification, and distribute to all, will it effect the network payload at all? Will it just add the two extra certificates so it can trust the corporate network without effecting the network profile and possibly disconnecting the user from wifi?


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@djbak Not that I've tried it personally, but my instinct is that your existing Configuration Profile is going to be removed and the updated one installed rather than just the deltas it contains. I'd love to be proven wrong though as I have an existing Configuration Profile that has a wonky 802.1x payload due to a known PI, and when Jamf fixes that I'd love to be able to deploy a fix just by modifying the existing Profile's payload rather than the suggested solution of deploying an externally created profile.

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@sdagley Thanks for the response. I'm hoping other people can provide their experience with this if they have actually gone through this process. My guess was that the whole Configuration Profile was going to be removed and re-installed.

I guess this would not be a huge problem if the end user is still able to stay connected to the Wireless Corporate network while this takes place. But I'm not sure if they do or not.

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@djbak Did it only deploy what you wanted? In my experience it has had to remove the whole profile, which kills its network but comes back up when you select a secondary network.