Configurator + Enrollment Profile - fails

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Seeing this with Configurator 1.3, if I Prepare devices with an exported/downloaded JAMF Enrollment profile, all of the other config profiles are installed/applied except the enrollment profile fails (I am deploying a wireless configuration and that works/the devices do have connectivity). These devices are supervised, so if I immediately go into Supervise, and then Refresh them, the enrollment profile deploys successfully.

Anyone else seeing this?


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I see this on occasion but not routinely. I am supervising and using a temp wireless with no password that is currently online.
Even so, with iPads that have a good charge and are apparently awake, once in awhile (1-3 in every section of 70) the enrollment fails and I look at the iPad, it has no bars and then it just connects (through the power of my glare, I guess :)
My workflow is that I'm installing free apps and temp wifi on first sync, then paid apps and a tethered, downloaded jss enrollment on 2nd sync (mostly due to our codes being a horrendous sprawling mess...)

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I ended up unsupervising all of the iPads, set up a new user account and re-did my Configurator backup/settings. Applied this time.

I think part of the issue is that the clients' Mac laptops were 10.7.5, and Configurator 1.3 doesn't like Lion/crashes constantly. This may have corrupted something. Apple even knows about this...

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This happens to me pretty consistently. I've determined that it happens when the iPads are not connected to a wireless network. It's quite a pain as I have to manually check to ensure the iPads are connected to wifi before applying the enrollment profile. Usually that involves pushing the wifi config profile first, then unlocking all of the iPads and making sure they are on the wireless, then pushing the enrollment profile.


My experience is exactly the same as steelopus mentioned. You MUST make sure all the radio's are on and they have IP addresses (assume they do if you see the Wi-Fi bars). Sadly, Configurator never shows if they have a signal or not, despite my 47,000 requests :(


I have seen this issue as well. My steps are to supervise the devices (while naming, restoring a backup, and installing Apps), and wait for this to complete. We use an SSID that is limited by MAC addresses, so I pull device inventory from Configurator with the MAC addresses and send that to our Network Services to add. Once I get the confirmation it is done, I install the wireless profile. I give it 2-3 minutes after completing the profile install, then run my enrollment profile install. Most of the time, this works pretty good. I have on occasion (after installing the wireless profile) had to unplug all of the iPads in the cart, check the install Casper profile box and apply, open 3 at a time (all I could do by myself), wait for the wireless to connect, then plug them back into the cart to get the Casper profile installed. This has worked 100% of the time, even though it is a pain in the rear.

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I was getting this also. In Supervised mode, I had to uncheck both my Wi-Fi profile and the JAMF enrollment profile, Refresh, then add them back in (sometimes one at a time). Guess during all the things Configurator does, the iPads sometimes go to sleep on the Wi-Fi. If you remove add back the Wi-Fi profile (without doing anything else) it seems to wake them up.

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Let me preface this by saying that clearly there are many ways to setup iPads, and i only offer this up as it might help someone....not to say you should do what I'm doing :)

I am using Supervised, institutional IDs and am temporarily enrolling them in my JSS so that they are in my database, and then for 1-to-1's, un-enrolling to have kids re-enroll with their own credentials.

In the building I am in now, I do not have the "no password wifi" that worked well in the previous building, and consequently, while I'm using AC to add the Wifi, it seems to not connect behind the lock screen...
Rather than touching every device in order to get them onto Wifi, in order to enroll them in my JSS,
here's what I'm doing:

sync 1: Free Apps, restore backup with Find My iPhone set up, wifi, a locked down webClip (ipad user guide) named with group for smart group use, enrollment Web Clip

2nd sync: I tried adding the jss tethered profile but it fails, so instead, I am using lock to App>Safari, which gets the wifi to go

3rd sync: adding the jss enrollment, then checking my JSS to be sure they are in there

4th sync: removing lock to app and the jss enrollment

5th sync: paid apps (doing this separately as we're still sorting out codes, money etc),
Deleting Apps Restriction, App Store Restriction

First sync takes awhile of course, but for the rest I work backwards to where my devices are already plugged in, and just move my sync node from cart to cart. I am using three Bretford carts to sync 70-80 devices per group, and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sync take less than a minute each. This is worth it, for me.
Then I can export the list of devices for the school to reference when having the kids enroll.

Post sync, we are manually setting a Restrictions Code and adding a password for Find my iPhone, though this could be done during Tech Week at distribution time.