Connection failure: "The operation couldn't be completed. (Error 502.)"

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I received this error message on 5 machines this morning. I'm assuming that our policy to recon tried to run but couldn't because the user terminated their connection in the middle of it.
I just wanted to see if anybody else has seen this before.

Executing Policy JAMF Recon
Running script JAMF Recon...
Script exit code: 1
Script result: Retrieving inventory preferences from https://
Finding extension attributes...
Locating applications...
Locating accounts...
Locating software updates...
Locating package receipts...
Locating plugins...
Locating printers...
Locating hard drive information...
Searching path: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
Searching path: /Users/[domain username]/Applications
Searching path: /Users/[Local Admin Username]/Applications
Searching path: /Applications
Locating hardware information (Mac OS X 10.14.5)...
Gathering application usage information...
Submitting data to https://
There was an error.

Connection failure: "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error 502.)"
Error running script: return code was 1.


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im seeing this on some computers all of a sudden too

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I second this as well.

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@Mateo137 Do you have a ticket open with JAMF on this or have you got any more info on your situation?

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@CorpIT_eB @hdsreid @Mateo137

Have you gotten a resolution to this? We started seeing this just after moving the a jamf cloud instance last week. I've opened a ticket with Support but they can't finding anything yet.


Im getting the same error when uploading pkg files. Seems to be very random. Opened several tickets, when I do they do some tweaking and then it works for a bit but will fail again.

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I'm seeing this error during recon on several of our machines as well. Did anyone ever get a resolution?

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I'm seeing this on a few too

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did this get resolved - now seeing also


ill add to this that ive been seeing it sporadically for a bit.

1 of a few things can happen, and ill list in them from least to most common:
1. either it fails the recon, and actually fails, then it says it will upload the data on next check in. probably internet related, but 1/100
2.recon fails with the 502, but if you refresh JSS itll show the updated info (i can only verify on the 2 EAs that im keeping an eye on) - 1/20 or so

maybe just a glitch, maybe a fluke, but 99%+ of the time, at least it seems to me, the recon is actually going through.

granted, im us-east-1, so im getting maintenance for at least another 3-4 hours.
maybe thatll fix something.

on that note, does plist changes in config profiles work for you guys?
i see the option to choose the jamf stuff along with what version mau, but when it comes to the actual plist settings, its blank 😞

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I am getting it too, sent in trouble ticket to JAMF.

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any update on this any one?

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I'm getting this often as well!

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I am having the issue as well and is affecting my whole provisioning workflow.

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Same issue also for me with a script "sudo jamf recon" on the Self service... I don't know why

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Same issue while uploading a small pkg. Any resolve?