Constantly poping up "this app is no longer assigned to you"

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The issue is all our iPads are continually receiving a message saying "the app is no longer assigned to you" The app is ProloQuo2go. Last night our previously purchased VPP codes were transferred to MDM, this is when the issue first started occurring. I've logged a job with apple, I've re-loaded the VPP token, but the issue remains.
I can stop the notifications by making the app unavailable but the app is used by every student and teacher in the school.
We updated to 9.72 last week. I did notice that one of the old iPads got the notification as well, it's not enrolled in Casper. It wasn't wiped and still had a licensed app that was applied via apple configurator, perhaps this is the issue.

Any suggestions?



I would actually check the User > VPP Assignments, section in JSS as well as the Mobile Devices > Apps section because those are the only 2 places that a user can be assigned to anything. We moved our ProloQuo2Go licenses to VPP codes as well, but haven't run into that alert on our devices. We're steadily Unsupervising iPads from the Configurator setup, and re-enrolling them through DEP and PreStage for VPP assignments.

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Any chance you have your VPP token installed on another server as well - possibly a test server? I've seen this behavior caused by having 2 MDM's each pushing different information to Apple regarding assignments.