Content caching USB internet tethering no DHCP

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Good day everyone!
Ive run into an issue that i cant seem to find any info on.

I have a mac mini that is not managed by Jamf, its on its own for testing. i have it plugged in via Ethernet to our network and it works just fine, itll get addresses all day long. My issue is i have an iPad that i put into lost mode then rebooted, It will now no longer connect to Wi-Fi. When i plug in the USB cable then go over to terminal and run ifconfig i can see the "adapter" in the list but it will always get a 169.254.X.X address and wont communicate with the network to get the disable lost mode command.

I have tried restarting the Mac, disabling Wi-Fi, turning on/off the "share internet connection" and restarting content caching. no joy.