Convert ingOffice 2011 Install to Office 365


We are in the midst of moving to 0365, and I understand how to make outlook function properly by ensuring the url is correct. My question is, how do I get the setup screen to come up to authenticate to 0365 when we've already had a volume license installed on the system? I've tried removing the offlice licensing file, and oddly enough, office continues to function as usual. Has anyone gone down this route and has some supporting information for this process? Thanks in advance.


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Which file exactly are you removing?

I can be mistaken as I don't deal with it but aren't some files in /Library and others under ~/Library ?

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@geoffreykobrien IIRC, you should be able to delete the Office 2011 licensing file (/Library/Preferences/ or something) & then launch an app for the suite & you should be prompted to license/login to O365

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FYI we've had nothing but trouble with desktop Outlook connecting to O365, to the point where my messaging group only recommends using OWA.

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Missed a period, @bentoms.

Use the following in a policy under Files and Processes > Execute Command:

rm –Rf /Library/Preferences/

Scope to whomever you wish. Next app launch will prompt.

It's also worth noting you can only license with O365 on version 14.4.2 of Office and up.