Could not mount distribution point

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Having trouble with some local SMB mounts I can manually mount them with the read only and read write user just fine but when I hit the replication button in Jamf Admin I get a failure that just states the distribution point could not be mounted.

any thoughts?


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Yeah still perplexed by this issue.

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@anickless At one point there was a problem with distribution point passwords that contained "special" characters such as an ! and I don't recall if it was ever called out as fixed. Try changing to a simpler password for the share and see if that helps. BTW, if at all possible you should really enable https for downloads as it'll be much more performant than SMB.

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Second @sdagley

We had the same problem midway through the Jamf Pro 10.x line at some point where a Jamf Pro update was applied and my DP would no longer mount (yet it mounted flawlessly by hand). After tearing my hair out for an afternoon, I tried changing the share name on my DP to have ONLY alphanumeric characters (in our case a space in the name was the problem). Everything magically started working. I hated that at the time because I had no idea what changed on Jamf’s side. It ultimately was a simple enough fix but caused me half a day of pain.

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I have reconciled all pointers from previous posts: service account names and share names without special characters, share permissions, file system permissions, server names, etc, etc and the Casper Admin Sync.log file cannot provide a decent explanation for what the error is. Is it up to the people that pay for the software to figure how to fix it?

-- Unmounting smb:// 5/25/21 3:09 PM --
-- Replicating to distribution point smb:// 5/25/21 3:10 PM --
2021-05-25 15:10:06: Comparing files based on checksum
2021-05-25 15:10:06: Mounting smb://
2021-05-25 15:10:25: ERROR: The distribution point could not be mounted. The replication operation will stop
2021-05-25 15:10:25: Finished.

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@user-EJcFiFjrbG You've done your due diligence and not had success so contact Jamf Support. I'm sure they will get you sorted and if so please let us know what the problem was