Crashlytics Profile Installation

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Hi Folks!

Long time lurker, first time poster here so please bear with me. This particular JAMF community has been so valuable and the knowledge that everyone possesses here is amazing to see!

So, my question revolves around Crashlytics. For those that don't know, Crashlytics is a service that allows organization to install beta builds on iOS devices to test upcoming feature sets and observe behavior of certain aspects within the app. In order for this to happen, you visit a URL (via Safari), you go through the prompts, and during the process Crashlytics installs a profile (Settings > General) on the device. Once the profile is confirmed to be installed, it then installs the beta build on the device which can then be found on the Home Screen.

I've noticed with the "Home & Dock Layout" configuration profile enabled/enforced, we are unable to install the Crashlytics profile (located in Settings > General). I wanted to know if anyone has any insight/solutions to work around this or is it just not possible?

Things I've Tried:
- Unchecked/checked "Allow modifying account settings (supervised only)" in Restrictions configuration profile.
- Unchecked/checked "Allow installing configuration profiles (supervised only)" in Restrictions configuration profile.
- Disabled "Home & Dock Screen Layout", which produced successful results; however, is not an ideal situation because apps can get reorganized/removed/etc.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I thank everyone for your time! Keep up the great work everyone! Cheers!