CrashPlan 5.0.2 -- deployment during imaging?

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I have successfully packaged CrashPlan and put it in Self Service as a pull-policy. There are no major issues with this and it seems to work well (followed the "Administering CrashPlan..." guide).

My question is: have you guys also been able to include CrashPlan when laying down your OS X it possible to somehow install CrashPlan during imaging and then pull through the user's name upon their first login?

Second, if there are desktop engineers/administrators that also package CrashPlan in SCCM/MDT I would be interested to know your strategy here as well (our user's aren't admins)

Thanks for any help!


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@ryan.s I deploy CPP at first boot after imaging and it's been fine. While I haven't deployed since moving to a custom installer, the way the custom installer works should be able to pull the user name during first login.

I wrote up the process to create the custom installer here:

Custom CrashPlan Installer with Casper

You should be able to set that as "Install on boot drive after imaging" in Casper Admin, and then deploy that during imaging. When the end user opens CrashPlan the first time, they should be able to login with their AD credentials (I'm assuming AD is used) and get placed into the proper organization.

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@stevewood -- I will look this over for sure thank you! A lot of good info here. Yes we are LDAP integrated (no local accounts in CrashPlan)

The biggest goal is: our users never should type or click anything during a setup. This is where I am a little stuck: CrashPlan is installed during imaging and the user account is autofilled by "last -1 | awk '{print $1}'" so what I see is that CrashPlan successfully installs during imaging but the username is auto-filled with "_mbpsetup" ... So the goal is that the username should be injected into CrashPlan upon first launch vs during install.

Maybe this is a limitation of the software?