Create a smart group based on profile

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I'm looking to create a policy based on macs with certain configuration profile that is installed in self service.

I went to make a smart group but can't seem to find a criteria fro profile name like in the mobile smart groups.

Is there any way to do this?


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That criteria is not available for Computers, only iOS device.

We wrote an extension attribute to collect this info that we could then base searches and groups off of.

I know the JSS stores this info but for some reason they do not allow us to use it for anything.

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@martinf you can gather the profiles that are installed with an EA like this.


# Displays all configuration profiles installed

profiles=`profiles -C -v | awk -F: '/attribute: name/{print $NF}'| sort | sed -e 's/^[ 	]*//'`

if [[ ! -z "$profiles" ]]; then

    echo "<result>$profiles</result>"


    echo "<result>Not Installed</result>"


exit 0

Smart Groups can be based from that EA.

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Hmm.. is there an FR for being able to scope Smart Groups for Computers based on profiles as per iOS?

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thanks @strider.knh that is exactly what i need and has worked!

Will make a real difference to us - i need to make most of our VPP apps available to all our users but i don't want to have to buy say 100 Final Cut Pro lics just to make it show in Self Service.

This way i can list a blank config profile in Self service and give it the FCP icon so the user feeling like they are installing it > then make a smart group for macs in this range > then scope the VPP FCP app to automatically install on any mac in this group.

I also see if the is FR for this and if not raise one.

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@jhbush1973 I discovered that the EA you shared with us might not work for me. I ran the command in Terminal as a test before putting the EA in place and here's what I get:

$ sudo profiles=`profiles -C -v | awk -F: '/attribute: name/{print $NF}'| sort | sed -e 's/^[ 	]*//'`
sudo: cert+AVcerts: command not found

It choked on a profile I have named "802.1x+computer cert+AVcerts". Did it choke on the space before cert or did it choke on the +?

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From the post it looks like it failed on the space. The error message is saying that "cert+AVCerts" is not a valid command. You probably need to escape the space character some how.

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We have plenty of profiles with spaces in them, and the EA we use never has an issue getting the names. Here's what we use


cProfiles=$(profiles -Pv | awk -F'attribute: name: ' '/attribute: name/{print $NF}')

echo "<result>$cProfiles</result>"

We have one that grabs the identifier names as well as the one above that gets the human readable names


cProfilesIDs=$(profiles -Pv | awk -F'attribute: profileIdentifier: ' '/attribute: profileIdentifier/{print $NF}'

echo "<result>$cProfilesIDs</result>"

Finally, here's one I'm not using, but could be useful to someone. This gets both the names and the identifiers together and puts each grouping (name + identifier) on it's own line


profilesAll=$(profiles -Pv | awk -F': ' '/attribute: name|attribute: profileIdentifier/{print $NF}' | sed 's/$/ =/;N' | paste -d" " - -)

echo "<result>$profilesAll</result>"

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@mm2270 That first one did the trick for my needs. Thanks!

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@bentoms Did this ever make it to be FR or more?