Create additional local accounts Catalina

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Hi, is it possible to create additional user accounts via JAMF?
We are using a pre-stage account setting to create the first local user, but is it possible to add an additional user in JAMF easily? We are using MacOS Catalina.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Make a new Policy, Then in its payload look for Local accounts. You can add a new account there. Scope the policy and set when it is to run.
You can manually add accounts with Jamf admin app.

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I think he is more talking "curated via Jamf LDAP integration" local accounts, similar to how the prestage can create a local account in the image of a LDAP account (including password) at enrollment. I second this request! No Bind is nice, but being able to easily create additional curated local accounts WITHOUT a lot of scripting (and without Jamf Connect for that matter) would be great.