Create New Profile button missing


Sometime over the past week my JSS seems to have lost the ability to create new profile configurations. (See screenshot). All other elements seem to be working fine.

I am still testing to see if existing profiles are deploying or not.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Anyone think re-installing the latest version of the JSS might help? We are currently up-to-date with the latest publicly available version... and I can verify this function did work correctly after upgrading to this version several weeks ago.

I did try clearing browser cache, multiple browsers, multiple computers, different admin accounts, and starting and stopping both the SQL database and the tomcat engine.



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Hi @npynenberg

This normally appears on a new install if you haven't both:
1) Added an APNs (MDM) certificate ("Settings" > "Global Management" > "Push Certificates"
2) Then, ticked the "Enable Push Notifications" option ("Settings" > "Computer Management" > "Security")

I'd suggest checking those as a first step, more likely the second one. To be honest, I'm not sure why it would happen on an existing install.

I'd also suggest opening a ticket with your Jamf Buddy (support person) via your Jamf Nation profile above.

Good luck!



I can now confirm that computers do seem to be getting their profiles... I just can't create new ones.

Push certificate seems valid and is not expired.

I will open a ticket later if I can't figure this one out.