Creating a Local Account via Policy

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Hello I am trying to create a local account with a policy. I went through the setup, assigned a test laptop to the scope. The account creates successfully but when I try to sign in i just get the spinning circle and get stuck on the login profile page.After some research I see that it might be related to a Filevault issue? Am I doing something wrong? Would writing a script be easier for this or would I still run into Filevault issues if that is the source of the problem?

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 3.35.54 PM.png


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@acamare10 Do not put quotes around the path for the Home Directory Location, and you must use a / at the beginning of the path since it must be a full path.

If you do decide to try the scripted approach to create an account be sure to use the sysadminctl command which replaces the older method using the dscl command.